Our Services


Our Services


Buying OfficeIn order to be a success, we must keep up with the ever-changing technology of today’s business. We have motivated and successful sales representatives, and a supporting staff that turns their ideas into professional solutions that enable you to maximize your business.

We have 37 sales representatives in 9 offices who are specialists in numerous category management roles.

Our Northwest Office provides several programs for Costco Wholesale nationally and internationally. We have a program for selling products in, designing and building shelf trays, order processing, and in-store demos to full service distribution.

With the internet’s explosive e-commerce websites, our sales people have dedicated themselves to providing excellent service with dot com’s headquartered within our respective territories.

Our Customer Service department is located in our corporate headquarters. Customer Service is responsible for receiving and processing orders for the hundreds of retailers we support.


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Sales DivisionNational Lines Representation Program
Department Store DivisionDrug Wholesale National Program
Albertson's LLCKroger - National Program
Costco National/International Program Natural Products
Warehousing - Cypress, CA Customer Service
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