SanFranciscoPhotoMSThe history of MORGAN & SAMPSON USA begins in 1921 when D. Blaine Morgan and Carl Sampson, who left what became McKesson Drug to begin the agency, founded the original company.

Over the course of many years, the company has grown, matured, and diversified. In 1977, a merchandise service division was added to cover the thirteen western states. This division is capable of providing store-level work in all classes of trade. In 1998, we purchased and incorporated SAMS-Service and Merchandising Solutions, to further expand our service program.

In 1979, Pacific Sales Group was formed to specialize in general merchandise. The belief that manufacturers should directly control retail presentations was a new concept to a market controlled by distributors. Because of this belief, several large housewares principals engaged the agency, and over the next 15 years Pacific Sales Group grew dramatically.

In 1986, a state-of-the-art MIS Department was initiated. Since that time, it has continually developed and evolved to meet industry needs, and today provides EDI order transmission for manufacturers not able to communicate directly with our retail partners. It also provides reports for our merchandising service group, along with an extensive array of sales reports and plan-o-graming tools.

On January 1, 1994, Morgan & Sampson, Inc. merged with Pacific Sales Group to form Morgan & Sampson Pacific. The blending of these two unique companies provides the perfect combination of experience, enthusiasm and commitment required for success in today’s competitive environment.

Recognizing the continued growth of the home improvement market, MSP felt our position in this area was limited. To strengthen our presence, we acquired two major rep organizations during 1998: SCA, founded in 1970, and Endeavor Sales, founded in 1972; both companies bring with them a great reputation in this market segment. Together, we have 128 years of selling experience. This experience has taught us that our responsibility involves more than just presenting a product: we aggressively address the changing needs of the marketplace. With these additions and recognizing SCA as a leading home improvement agency, the company changed its name to Morgan & Sampson SCA.

Change is constant and Morgan & Sampson has always tried to stay ahead of the curve. Recognizing that just being a West Coast company limited our growth and opportunities, in 2003 we started planning to expand to a national company. First, we invested in a new state-of-the-art computer system. Second, we looked for strategic partners to expand with. Third, we identified those customers we felt we could handle ourselves.

The result was two new offices: one in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to service five key customers in that area, and the second in Roslyn, New York to service key customers on the East Coast (see key customers by trade class for complete list). A third office is planned and will be located in the south; announcement of this office is planned for Spring 2005.

The company comprises eight (8) regional offices located in Cypress and Pleasanton, California; Portland, Oregon; Issaquah, Washington; Scottsdale, Arizona; Honolulu, Hawaii; Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; and Roslyn, New York.

The California, New York, and Wisconsin offices also incorporate showrooms utilized for customer review. Additionally, we operate three (3) warehousing facilities: a 150,000 square foot high-volume warehouse located in Ontario, California; a 28,000 square foot small-item warehouse in Cypress, California; and a 8,000 square foot warehouse in Washington.

With 37 highly motivated sales professionals, Morgan & Sampson USA can provide the in-depth coverage required to skillfully serve your needs for sales support, marketing, and warehousing.